Team Members


Team Captain, Designer, Chief Electrical Builder, Driver

Jason is an engineer with experience in the automotive and aerospace industries. He's a computer geek currently working in the IT field.

Like most participants, Jason got involved with building combat robots after seeing an episode of Battlebots on TV. What was unusual, though, was that the guy on TV was a former colleague and neighbor that he hadn't seen in years.


Designer, Builder

A 20 year veteran of the freight transportation business, this ex-truck driver is now in management. John is also a former U.S. Marine.

Strongly influenced against his will to get involved, the team owes his wife and children a great debt for his commitment. John's biggest goal for the team is to advance far enough in a tournament to be interviewed by a Baywatch babe.


Designer, Chief Mechanical Builder

Gary is the head mechanic for a large truck fleet operating in the northeast United States. He has been involved with professional racing and in his spare time enjoys restoring classic cars and building custom hot rods.

Gary's mechanical skills are a prime contibutor to the team's success, and he works well under pressure (although he's not afraid to express his displeasure about it). Gary can always figure a way out of a tight spot and has a knack for "MacGuyvering" something to get it working right.


Builder, Pit Crew, Promoter

Tim is a 30 year veteran of sales, marketing and advertising. He got his feet wet opening a Kool-Aid stand in East Lansing, MI and has been hooked on the job ever since.

Having been involved with the team since the very beginning, Tim is probably the most outwardly enthusiatic member. He's always willing to lend a hand, whether its to pull an all-nighter to finish up the assembly or lugging a few hundred pounds of parts cross country in his checked baggage.


Pit Crew, Intelligence Gathering

Jack has 25 years experience in the insurance industry, and is a big fan of competitive team sports. He likes Battlebots because it is entertaining while still intellectual.

Jack originally got involved because he thought the experience might be fun. Although proven otherwise, his contributions to the team are invaluable. Jack has the uncanny ability to keep his finger on any situation and know exactly whats going, when and where.


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