Concepts, March 2001


As beginners, we based the concept of Iron Soldier on simple but effective ideas. The easiest design to implement is the wedge - low ground clearance to get under the opponent and lift them up off the ground. We added some rails to the lid with the hopes of tripping up our opponents drive wheels once we got underneath. The tires are taller than the body and the rails flattened at the top to allow for inverted operation in case Iron Soldier was flipped.


The rails eventually evolved into a flipping mechanism, but the hooks on the front were to remain. In the end, even the flipping mechanism was deleted due to weight considerations. Also, wheel recesses were added to the body to provive protection to the tires.


The rear of Iron Soldier houses its active weapon, a horizontal saw blade. Flanges at the sides were intended to guide opponents toward the bade and trap them there. Because of strength concerns, the flanges were eventually deleted.


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