Build Photos, May 2001


In the weeks before the event, Gary put the finishing touches on the body while Jason's kitchen became the electrical workshop.


Visible in the center of the chassis is the 24V linear actuator which was to be used to control a flipping device hinged on the hook extending off the front. As the initial assembly was nearing completion, we found that Iron Soldier ran into a problem that plagues many first timers - it was 20 pounds overweight. In the short time remaining before the competition, the easiest way to drop the weight was to eliminate the actuator and flipper altogether. The hook remained as a passive offensive weapon and to give Iron Soldier some visual distinction.


Once the linear actuator was deleted, a large portion of the chassis cavity was empty, particularly in the center and rear. This contributed to the deceptive size of the completed unit. With the lid on, Iron Soldier is larger than most middleweights and even many heavyweights.


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