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  Team Mad Cow
Team ACMX neighbors in Connecticut, Team Mad Cow participated in Battlebots 3.0 with their middleweight spinner, "Mad Cow". The team is back with a vengeance for season 5.0 with their fearsome new lightweight, "Mad Cow's Revenge". They're also putting the finishing touches on a brand new middleweight, "Bovine Intervention".

Team Coolrobots
Veteran builder Christian Carlberg's site, where you can find information on his bots "Minion", "Overkill", "Toe Crusher" and the new superheavyweight "Dreadnought". Great technical information for vets and newcomers alike, including a step-by-step guide to building a battlebot. The site also features a worldwide database of robot builders.

  Team Nightmare
Homepage of Jim Smentowski, a veteran competitor whose current robots include "Nightmare", "Backlash", "Locust" and "Whirligig". Jim's site includes a wealth of information including a massive robot database, tips for robot builders and a comprehensive history of the sport.

Team Biohazard
Home of the ever popular champion "Biohazard" - only 4 inches tall but giant in stature. Builder Carlo Bertocchini shares the secrets that have made Biohazard the winningest battlebot ever. Also a great source of technical books on robot building in general.

  Team Delta
Dan Danknick, champion builder ("Hazard", "Evil Fish Tank", and others) and one of the original color commentators for "Battlebots" (In-Demand Pay-per-View special, 1999) left his day job and now builds and sells high quality robot components to most other competing teams. As a result he also claims to be the "single largest consumer of hand soap in the city of Orange, CA."
  Robot Village
Relative newcomer Jon Autry shares his experiences building and competing the rookie "Village Idiot", a crowd favorite at the Battlebots Treasure Island tournament in May 2001. Jon maintains comprehensive build reports which include many detailed image and video files. The site also has online chat and a message board for exchanges on both technical and non-technical topics.

Dangerous Drums
Another favorite at Treasure Island 2001 (and Iron Soldier's neighbors in the pits), the innovative "Little Drummer Boy" proved that a unique design that is well executed will go a long way. Bill Nye The Science Guy named Little Drummer Boy the "Middleweight Rookie of the Year", and this bot went on to take second place overall in the middleweight division.


Home of Ray Ebert's "Malvolio", who has competed in both Battlebots and TLC's Robotica. Malvolio was Iron Soldier's first opponent at Treasure Island. Ray has written a detailed play-by-play description of our match in his BBTI01 event report.


Team Toad
Michael Mauldin earned early success with the heavyweight "Frostbite". Since then, his entire family has caught the robot building bug and they have produced a fleet of combat robots spanning every weight category. Their site includes many build reports and a lot of useful research, as well as news on the proliferation of Team Toad stickers around the world.



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